Irish media and the Burzynski Clinic

The Irish Times today reports that the mother of a terminally ill two-year-old girl is hoping to travel to the USA for a “pioneering treatment” provided by the Burzynski Clinic (spelling “Buzynski” in the online article).

Stanislaus Burzumnski will be no stranger to readers of this website. Zenbuffy wrote at length about the Burzynski Clinic some time ago, an article worth re-reading.

Commenting is disabled on the Irish Times article, but you can still write to the Editor if you wish to express your opinion of Mr Burzynski. But if you do so, please be polite. Coherent arguments calmly made are the best cure.

You can also leave comments below, if you wish.

As to the image accompanying this brief, well, it quacks.

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Update #1: A similar article (again with the misspelling of “Buzynski”) also appears in the Irish Independent. Again, it appears comments are disabled on this article. These are the contact details for the Irish Independent.

Update #2: Professor John Crown, consultant oncologist and senator, has tweeted about Burzynski:

Update #3: The Irish Times has now taken down the story as of 6PM, Monday 16 July. However, the original article screengrab is reproduced below for the sceptics among you.

Update #4: Zenbuffy has written about Burzynski again on her blog and at The Irish Independent still has the article on their website.

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  1. Deirdre
    July 16, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    They spelled ‘Houston’ wrong as well. Subbing cuts?

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