The Incredible Freeman Credo

Freeman woo is growing in popularity in Ireland, and gained some publicity last week when a youtube video of an attempted eviction went viral. James Cussen and Simon McGarr look at some of the claims on one Freeman pamphlet.


Govt Ireland, Garda, Siochana, (sic) Courts Service, Political Parties etc are all Registered Companies Trading for profit.
(Check www.dun&

No, they’re not. And I did check www.dun& There’s no such website. And even if there was, it wouldn’t make it true. I tell you what, why not check where we actually keep our register of companies.

Incidentally, the Government is an entity created by Article 28 of the 1937 Bunreacht Na hEireann.

The Government created organs like the Police and the Courts Service by passing laws. (e.g. The Garda Siochana Act 1924).

Income Tax is only Voluntary Compliance.

No it isn’t, and particularly if you’re PAYE. And if you’re not, you can choose not to pay, but then you have also chosen to be prosecuted. It’s not my definition of Voluntary.

Your Birth Cert is traded as a Bond on the stock market. 

No it isn’t. You don’t trade bonds on the stock market. You trade bonds on a bond market. And you don’t trade Birth certs on either maket because they are birth certs, not stocks or bonds.

A person/Mr.Mrs.Miss is a legal fiction entity & not a Man or woman. 

This is a statement of philosophy, rather than the law. But basically, you are who you are. There is no such thing as a legal fiction entity arising from using a title. ‘Legal fiction’ has a meaning entirely different to what is meant here. A legal fiction is the creation of a ‘fact’ by a court so as to apply a more general rule.

A common example is that of an adopted child being declared as the child of its adoptive parents. This is not biologically the case, but is legally true and operative.

‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ are not examples of legal fictions – they are modes of address in the English language. If these are used in a legal setting it is not because the courts ‘created’ them.

A person, likewise, is a noun (not a legal fiction) and a synonym of ‘human being’ and ‘man’ or ‘woman’. A company may be treated as a ‘person’ (which is a legal fiction) for the purpose of applying the law to it.

Otherwise, a person, in law, has the same meaning as in non-legal contexts.

Aside: Men get capitalised, but women don’t?

You never had to Register your Car, Child or House

Yes you did. See income tax above. The Registration of Births Act 1996The Road Traffic Act 1961, for example, are laws passed by our Oireachtas. They aren’t suggestions.

Statutes, Policies, Codes and Acts are not Laws.

Statutes and Acts are Laws. Policies are not. Codes is too vague in this context to even say what it meant. Common law is a form of law, but not the only form.

To ‘understand’ in legalese terms means to, ‘stand under’. 

There is no official language of legalese. Understand means understand. It doesn’t mean stand under.

Ireland’s coastline contains 3.8% of the World’s Gas

What, including the atmosphere? This is an incongruous non-sequiter even by the high standards of the rest of this gibberish. Is it true?  Well, it appears to be sourced from a 1977 propaganda pamphlet by Sinn Fein/The Worker’s Party’s Repsol Press called “The Great Oil & Gas Robbery”. Publication details available from New York University’s Library Tamiment library Archives of Irish America Pamphlet Collection.

And even that pamphlet isn’t as sure of itself as the Freeman assertion. It says, without any evidence being offered,

“That Irish offshore waters contains 1.2% of the entire of the world’s known reserves of Natrual Gas at a minimum. By some estimates as much as 3.8% of the known world reserve of this priceless mineral resource”

Without knowing what “some estimates” it refers to we can’t know if it was a factual statement of the state of knowledge in 1977. But I think we can be fairly sure it isn’t one now.

The Oireachtas was established under the Crown. Art 17 Saorstat Eireann

OK, well, you might remember there was a Civil War fought over this one. After a bit, we replaced the 1922 Saorstat constitution with the 1937 one we use now. Which was the first time anyone mentioned the Oireachtas in the State’s basic law. So, both wrong and spectacularly historically confused.

The Sovereign Seal is turned every year in the Mansion House on 21st January at noon… Ireland’s Independence day.

An event occurs in that time and place every year. It has approximately the legal significance of Groundhog Day.

[Additional reporting by James Cussen]

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  1. daithi
    August 1, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    The web address in and yes the garda,
    /govt, and even enda kenny are registered with them as for the rest ista as far off the mark as the rest of this nonsence ,your honour

    • Roy & Hayley
      October 21, 2013 at 6:29 pm

      You are full of sh1T!!.. I tried typing in An garda Siochana into their search engine on and nothing came back. Such a load of crap!!! Simon is right.

  2. gerard
    August 1, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Could you try that sentence again in English so that we can respond to it?

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