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Have you seen a dubious claim recently? A statistic repeated without be questioned, even if no one can be sure where it came from? Then let us know, or research it yourself and we will publish your article.

The topic you want to tackle may be large or small. But bear in mind Facts Are Sacred is about fact-checking, not settling scores. Sometimes, there really are ambiguities out there. This isn’t the place to argue the relative merits of capitalism and socialism, for example, though specific claims made by advocates of any position can be tested here. Whatever topic you tackle, cite your sources, and if possible link to the raw data, so that others can check your calculations. In short, show your work.

Defamation law still applies online, but even if it didn’t, you catch more flies with sugar than vinegar. Stick to the facts if you decide to write for Facts Are Sacred. If you want to rant (and there’s nothing wrong with a good rant) there are plenty of other places on the internet for that. For the same reason, and simply for readability, there will be an editing process, subbing and proofing articles before publication. Yes, we factcheck the factcheckers.

Our twitter account is @FactsRSacred, so feel free to follow. No doubt a facebook page, G+, Pinterest, and the whole panoply of social media accounts will follow in time. Volunteers always welcome if you want to help with this aspect of our work.

Welcome aboard, whether you’ve come here simple to rad, to comment, or something more. If you have any comments or questions, fire away, we’re still working out the mechanics of the project so all input is welcome.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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